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Re: CVS commit: src/sys/dev/i2c

Simon Burge wrote:

> Is that device meant to attach to iic0 on a HP N40L or a different i2c
> bus?  The only "iic" reference in my dmesg is:
>       iic0 at piixpm0: I2C bus

Ignore me!  I'm running on the netbsd-6 branch and just pulled your new
driver into my source tree but didn't see your earlier change to add the
extra SMBus attachments to the SB800.  With that change as well, much

                        Current  CritMax  WarnMax  WarnMin  CritMin  Unit
    cpu0 temperature:    33.500                                     degC
  DIMM 0 temperature:    29.500                                     degC
               VSEN1:     1.038                                         V
               VSEN2:     1.508                                         V
               VSEN3:     1.104                                         V
               VSEN4:     0.976                                         V
                3VDD:     3.288                                         V
                3VSB:     3.228                                         V
                 TR5:    21.750   44.000   39.000                   degC
                 TD1:    32.250  109.000  109.000                   degC
                 TD2:    40.250  105.000  105.000                   degC
              FANIN1:       727                        329           RPM

Thanks for your driver!


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