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Re: RAID5 3x 3TB SATA drives, help!

> NetBSD doesn't support auto-configuring a RAID 5.

...huh?  The 4.0.1 host I got most of my RAID experience on certainly
does.  I know I hacked on autoconfig a little, but I'm pretty sure
enabling it for RAID 5 was not something I did.  (Or is this somehow
MD?  That machine runs i386, and this is port-amd64....)

> So how could it boot of a wedge on a RAID 5?

This is a valid point, though: not because RAID 5s don't
autoconfigure, but rather because you can't use one member as if it
were the whole thing, the way you can with RAID 1.  Booting from RAID 1
is basically just like booting from non-RAID, except for finding the
relevant piece of disk.  Booting from RAID 5 would mean making the
bootblocks handle a lot more of RAID.

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