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RE: ffs_alloccg:map corrupted :netbsd on kvm

I have also noticed the same issue on the i386 system. Not sure if this was
fixed with the 6.0 release..

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Subject: FW: ffs_alloccg:map corrupted :netbsd on kvm

Hi all 

Netbsd 6(beta2) keep rebooting, I am using this as a bsd container on the
KVM. System keeps rebooting. Error msg is Start = 884 len = 1971 fs /usr

I have copied the files to an ftp server

login netbsd
passwd netbsd

Also noticed that I can bring down the system by doing a du-sm * on / when
my kernel build has the following enabled (no issues when these are removed)
the crash happens on /kern which is the kernfs 

#options        IPSEC           # IP security
#options        IPSEC_ESP       # IP security (encryption part; define
#options        IPSEC_NAT_T     # IPsec NAT traversal (NAT-T)
#options        IPSEC_DEBUG     # debug for IP security

Derrick Lobo

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