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Re: fbsd binaries on amd64? or native 3ware 9000 series mgmt?

In article <20120908072449.GB83486%shrubbery.net@localhost>,
heasley  <heas%shrubbery.net@localhost> wrote:
>> In article <20120906225725.GL31359%shrubbery.net>:
>> >I've looked through the list archives and so on, and it appears that it is
>> >not yet possible to run freebsd binaries on amd64.  correct, or have I
>> >missed something?
>> >
>> >assuming not, is there some some other way to manage 3ware 9000 series
>> >controllers on netbsd amd64?
>> Are these 32 or 64 bit binaries. Hacking in compat_freebsd for amd64 is
>> pretty simple. It should only take a couple of days.
>I hadn't considered 32bit binaries, only 64bit.  but, i also didnt see a
>COMPAT option for freebsd in amd64.

There isn't one. Can you put a tarball with what's needed to run the binary
including the binary somewhere (shared libraries, dynamic linker,
and binary presumably, plus the binary for ls...) Or even better access to
a flea system.


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