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Xen on NetBSD 6.0_BETA DOM0 crashes

Hi All,

I've recently got a new bulldozer CPU (see all my other recent woes!),
which is now running just wonderfully with NetBSD 6.0_BETA, so I
thought I'd give Xen a go.

Unfortunatly it seems quite crashy.

Xen is built with the following kernel config, although the generic
DOM0 is no better:-

Booting from a bootloader from around 5.99.62ish, using the following:

load /netbsd.xen3 root=wd0a console=pc;multiboot
/usr/pkg/xen41-kernel/xen.gz dom0_mem=12G

Machine is a 6 core AMD FX-6100 (6 core bulldozer, family 0x15), AMD
880G mobo, 16 gig of memory.

It will boot and stay up fine under light load, but anything heavy
will bring it down to it's knees, usually after only a few minutes. (A
compile of a kernel is enough.)

When booting I get a lot of:-

pmap_kenter_pa: mapping already present

and over time dmesg fills up with:

evtchn_do_event: handler 0xffffffff8021a38f didn't lower ipl 8 7

(If someone can point me how to find what's at this address I'll be
happy to look.)

Sorry for the pictures:-



ddb's panic:

upon typing 'reboot' I got a fairly endless stream of:

I've tried changing the memory for DOM0 which seems to make little
difference (although weirdly setting it to 2G failed to boot.), also,
disabling USB on the motherboard causes the Xen kernel not to boot.
(Not sure if this is related.)

Machine is otherwise stable, and memory has been memtested for a
couple of cycles.

Any ideas?



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