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Re: which mid-sized servers are best for NetBSD-5.1?

I just put one of these into service running NetBSD 5:

- SuperMicro SuperServer 6016T-T
- Dual Intel Xeon E5640
- 12 GB DDR3 ECC Registered memory
- Dual WD VelociRaptor 450 GB SATA Hard Drives

The cost was 3,187.00 through a SuperMicro Reseller. I didn't go with HW
raid, but, it's an option.

On 10/07/2011 04:40 PM, Greg A. Woods wrote:
> I'd like to get advice, anecdotes, stories of success or failure,
> etc. from folks running NetBSD-5.x on the latest available top-end i386
> or amd64 servers.  Preferably some big-iron name brand with world-wide
> sales and warranty support.
> I'm looking to build a small cluster of 2-4 servers with 2-4 sockets
> each (4-16 cores each), 64-bit addressing for lots of RAM (8GB-16GB or
> more), decently fast but rugged storage (hardware RAID with in-firmware
> RAID management), possibly external SAN-like storage as well.  2 x GigE,
> of course, some kind of remote console (ideally serial or working IPMI
> SOL), USB, etc.
> All of the on-board hardware, including especially management and
> maintenance hardware (health and environment monitoring), remote access,
> etc., must be supported well enough to be used reliably in production.
> I'm thinking of using Xen, though that's not yet firm (I'd use it in a
> heartbeat if there was domU SMP support, and/or if I could use Remus).
> I.e. they don't have to be huge massive systems -- but reasonably
> powerful, brand-new under-warranty, and easily available world-wide, as
> they won't be purchased or be running anywhere near North America or
> Europe (or Japan, etc. either).
> Initially HP was suggested as a vendor, but I'm extremely suspicious of
> how well their small to mid-range servers can by supported by NetBSD-5.
> I would be equally worried about current IBM offerings.
> Dell servers seemed, to me, to have had a better record of being fully
> supported, especially brand new ones at release date.  R510? R710?

John R. Shannon, CISSP

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