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Re: amd64 and cardbus cards

"Helge Mühlmeier" <H_Muehlmeier%gmx.de@localhost> writes:

>> Are you comparing the same hardware with i386 and amd64 kernels?
> No, but I know that I have no problem on my T61 with i386 kernel
> installed. That was only to show that I have a "carbus0".

My point is that where cardbus space can be safely mapped depends on the

>> man cbb and read the memory space conflicts at the end.
>> IIRC the heuristics code is for i386.  amd64 may still have a single
>> value, and your machine may be capable of too much memory for that
>> value, or something.
> Hm... There is nothing said about amd64...

Indeed.  this all arose long before amd64 on notebooks, when Thinkpad
600 and 600E were reasonable machines.   I meant to suggest that the
same issue might be relevant, but that you might be the first to dig in.

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