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Re: NetBSD on more than 16 cores?

Jean-Yves Migeon <jeanyves.migeon%free.fr@localhost> wrote:
> On 13.01.2011 22:03, Phil Nelson wrote:
> > Hello,
> > 
> >    I was wondering if there is anyone who has run NetBSD
> > (either i386 or amd64) on a SMP with more than 16 cores.
> > 
> > I'm interested in any experience with 16 to 48 core machines.
> I've run and used NetBSD on a Dell (M710), with up to 24 core detected.
> However, max number of CPU is 32; IIRC, we still use a bitmask on an int
> for CPU tracking, and well, int => 4 bytes => 32 bits (heh).

There are patches to support 256 CPUs.  I just have not had enough time
yet to rework and incorporate them.

Oh, and support is for amd64, not i386.  No point to work on the later.
We ought to encourage the use of amd64 more these days.


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