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Re: lockup of Atom 330 machine?

> Hi!

> I just migrated my personal web server to an Atom 330 based machine.
> After about one day "in the wild", the machine locked up. According to
> the logs (e.g. /var/log/cron) the machine was completely frozen until
> I resetted it. A dmesg output is attached. Are there any known
> problems with this hardware? Is there anything I can trim from the
> kernel? I have no physical access to the machine, so I am limited in
> my possibilities to debug it.

I've been using NetBSD on Atom330-based machine since autumn 2009
as a workstation. I cannot remember any hangs up. Though I had some
problems with it.

I'm still using the patch proposed by Joerg.
I haven't checked whether it is still necessary, though.

This was a temporary problem. I don't know how to reproduce it.
I rarely use flashes.

I don't know answers to those questions.

Volume control doesn't work with non-NetBSD mixers in 5.1. And I still
don't know what was the reason to break it.

The problem was partially solved in modular xorg.
I haven't tried Xorg from NetBSD-5.1 yet.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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