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macdep.sleep_state=3 panic on T500

Tried to put my T500 to sleep (amd64, GENERIC 5.99.39 kernel from 24th
oct) and it panics.

Testing booting -s and:

# sysctl -w macdep.sleep_state=3
acpi0: entering state S3
Flushing disk caches: done
uvm_fault(0xffff800047cf5b80, 0x0, 4) -> e
fatal page fault in supervisor mode
trap type 6 code 10 rip 0 cs0 rflags 10246 cr2  0 cpl 6 rsp 0xffff800047cf5b80
kernel: page fault trap, code=0
Stopped in pid 8.1 (sysctl) at  0:     invalid address

NetBSD forsaken 5.99.39 NetBSD 5.99.39 (GENERIC) #0: Sun Oct 24 amd64

anyone have any thoughts as to what I might look at?


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