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multiple keyboards and DDB, DELL DRAC

I have a Dell R610 with a DRAC, and on boot it finds 3 keyboards:

  pckbc/pckbd, no apparent physical reality (DRAC?  emulation from ukbd0?)
  ukbd0, no apparent physical reality (DRAC?)
  ukbd1, a keyboard that's plugged in

These all get put in a wsmux and normal usage works.  But, ctrl-alt-esc
on ukbd1 doesn't, and from reading ukbd.c I see that a) usb can't be the
console keyboard if pckbd is found and b) the first usb keyboard is
selected for console.

So I'll try removing pckbd from the kernel config, and changing ukbd.c
to make 1 the console.

A workaround is using a real serial console.

Any thoughts about how to deal with this (other than set up java on a
non-netbsd system to use the DRAC, or not to buy DRACs, both of which
might make sense but don't work for my current problem :-) are

Specifically, I wonder if it's possible to take keyboard input from
multiple keyboards as console for the purpose of DDB.

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