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32 binaries on amd64

Hi - long time slackware user but only netbsd once long ago, please accept my 
apologies if I've asked a dumb question but I was not able to google an answer.

I've set up a netbsd amd64 box.  I've found what appears to be some good info 
on setting up the pkg system for building 32 bit versions of various packages.  
However, I really don't want to be locked into building every time from source. 
  Is it possible to use the binaries for i386?  From what I can tell, it seems 
that it may be possible but that additional steps are required.  I've pulled a 
couple of packages.  Some work fine, others have complained about missing 
libraries (which appear to exist in 64 bit version but do not in the 
emul/netbsd32/lib).  I'm a bit fearful of then attempting to get these and 
having the system mistakenly overwrite the 64 bit verions.

Can somebody give me an idea of a) can it be done, b) what additional steps are 
necessary and c) is it worth the trouble?

Thanks again for your help.



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