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Re: Hard disk is too slow on NetBSD-5.0.1/x86_64

> I notice this:
> # bc
> obase=16
> 268435455
> #

> So you're probably a victim of the ATA specification change to disallow
> LBA28 starting at that sector. Our driver is changed in -current:

> http://mail-index.netbsd.org/source-changes/2009/12/17/msg004516.html
> http://releng.netbsd.org/cgi-bin/req-5.cgi?show=1220

> Can you try a -current kernel (COMPAT_5),
> please?

After rebooting with current kernel that message doesn't appear but I
sppeared rarely with 5.0 kernel.

Anyway HDD I/O is still 5Mb/s.  Switching BIOS settings (DMA and PIO
modes) from "auto" to any other values doesn't help.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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