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Re: Boot failure - port-amd64 on Intel Core i7 920 - Resolved

I'm still trying to narrow this down a bit...

It seems that if I rebuild a kernel from sources as of 2009-11-09 17:00 UTC, the system boots. Yet a kernel from sources updated to just one hour later, at 18:00 UTC, fails. The only commit during that interval was the update of sys/sys/param.h from 5.99.21 to 5.99.22 - no other source files updated!

The target system has both 5.99.21 and 5.99.22 modules in /stand/amd64/ and the same 5.99.22 modules work on all my other Intel and AMD CPUs. The modules are built from yesterday's (2009-12-17) sources.

I guess I can do a binary search to figure out when the modules broke...

Still not sure what the problem was, but a clean reinstall of both the 2009-12-17 kernel and modules works fine. So I can only assume that the original installation of the modules somehow failed silently (since I'd tried numerous kernels).

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