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Re: timecounter TSC on Core i7

Joachim Kuebart wrote:
> I have a problem with NetBSD picking timecounter TSC as the primary time
> source on a Core i7-920 system.
> The dmesg shows that the frequency is sometimes detected as 2.6GHz (very
> rarely), while most of the time it's 3.7GHz (see diff below). I'm
> assuming this is due to whether or not Turbo Boost happens to be in
> effect when the kernel boots. Nevertheless, the kernel assigns q=3000 to
> TSC and in most cases (when it detects 3.7GHz) the system clock runs
> very very slowly (compared to wall time).

Same here, but it always runs at 3.6 GHz (no Turbo Boost enabled,
overclocked), and ntpd keeps the clock in sync (somewhat). I haven't
bothered to select a different timecounter, and reboots don't happen
often (once a month or so). Maybe ntpd will have an easier job if I
selected a different timecounter.

        Thomas E. Spanjaard

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