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dk* drivers on NetBSD 5.0 (beta)-install

Hi folks,

I am trying to install NetBSD on my new Late2008 MacBook (aluminium case). While I've managed to make space for a decent partition and to install rEFIt, the install kernel will not allow me to copy the code on a dk wedge: I correctly get wd0, dk0,1 and 2 messages but I cannot choose anything else than wd0 to install NetBSD on.

The dmesg is interesting, many new options introduced by the Nvidia chipset are of course detected but not configured (there is also a "coprocesseur" ACPI id, probably in relation with CUDA), but some seem to work, ex : video0 for the built-in Isight.

Does anybody know how to get the kernel properly copied to dk2 instead of wd0? Shall I use a custom Install kernel? Anything else?


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