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Re: HP ProLiant BL460c G1 boot failure

> > > db{0}> tra
> > > ?() at 0xffffffff804cb1d4 (bus_dmamap_load_mbuf)
> >
> > That's supposed to be (bus_dmamap_destroy).
> I think that the crash happens because bnx_release_resources() tries to
> free rx mbuf DMA maps, whether they were allocated or not:
>         for (i = 0; i < TOTAL_RX_BD; i++)
>                 bus_dmamap_destroy(sc->bnx_dmatag, sc->rx_mbuf_map[i]);

Right.  I've inserted the obvious if() before that
bus_dmamap_destroy locally, but because of PR#39454 I didn't get
to test this before leaving the office for the day.

I'll test it tomorrow and commit it if it avoids the crash.


- Håvard

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