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Re: Netbsd 4.0 hangs on AMD64 athlon dual core on nvidia board

Jonathan A. Kollasch <jakllsch <at> kollasch.net> writes:

> > How to enable my cdrom on netbsd ?
> > 
> > Should I back to a 32bit version ?
> > Should I back to netbsd 3.1 ?
> I'd try -current, ACPI support has been significantly
> improved since 4.0.  Also, it's ACPI support is easily
> disabled via boot.conf.

boot.conf ??? 
I don't have such file on my system. 
I've tried by creating /etc/boot.conf and putting "disable acpi" in it, but 
this is not working. 
Can you detail you point ?
I've google, but not found relevant info concerning this boot.conf file (google 
find lot of pf.boot.conf).
Where could I find additional info about this ?

I've discovered in Linux, that my cdrom is a scsi-cdrom. Linux is using the 
kernel module called sr_mod. 
How to enable this kind of functionality with NetBSD ?


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