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Re: mregparm=0?

Andrew Doran wrote:
On Sun, Jun 29, 2008 at 07:23:54PM +0600, Alexander Vysokovskih wrote
stdcall is a Microsoft thing... Why do you want to use it on Unix?

ok! terminology. As I know stdcall is the same as the cdecl (I hope this is not a MS thing:) with the difference in that the callee is responsible for popping the arguments from the stack (leave asm command)? Don't it? My question (in other words) why gcc on linux-amd64(currently, i have not possibility to test it with netbsd-amd64) make function call with arguments passed into registers? It ignores -mregparm=0 with warning above... On i386 this modifier is working right...

With regards,
   Alexander Vysokovskih

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