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Re: Need advise about linux32 on amd64

In article <48505F6F.9020504%eticaret.com.tr@localhost>,
Cem Kayali  <cemkayali%eticaret.com.tr@localhost> wrote:
>I have used NetBSD i386 on Core duo and then Core 2 duo notebook for a 
>long time and now i am thinking of switching amd64 version... I checked 
>most of the pksgrc softwares that i use frequently, almost all of them 
>work fine...
>My problem is... I have also a licensed linux software and it works on 
>i386 if i install suse100_base only from pkgsrc --- while i noticed that 
>it does not work on amd64 one, using suse100_base or suse100_32_base. It 
>does not produce error message...
>How i can track the problem? I read through mail archive and some 
>(lucky) friends install additional softwares (ie; compatibility 
>packages) and fix the problem.

ktrace is your friend.


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