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Re: starting AMD second core

arthur a écrit :
I installed the latest NetBSD 4 iso image on my dual core AMD system, and I
noticed that when running two processor intensive applications, that "top"
showed them both splitting the CPU time (and not each having 100% of a different

dmesg shows the second core "not started" (output below).

I don't see anything in the motherboard manual that indicates anything needs (or
can) be done via the bios to enable the second core.  Can someone point me to
what I need to do to get both cores running?

There seems to be a bug lurking around and I'm working on it with Andrew for a while.

It is not yet corrected but try this and tell me if it works:

1. Compile your KERNEL with options "MPDEBUG"
2. If your second CPU refuses to start, you will be caught in DDD
3. At the DDB prompt, just type 'cont'

And look at your dmesg. For me, I have no clue why, but it works. The second core start right away after resuming boot.


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