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port-amd64 server hardware


I have been looking to buy a web server. I looked at all kinds of
different servers. I have been using powermacs and they seem to work
pretty well. My problem is that I need a server that is 2U and only 24
inches deep or less and can hold at least 3 drives. The problem is that I
have had really bad luck with PC type hardware and I really don't know
what a good chipset is or anything. If it was a mac, I could tell you just
what works and what doesn't. Really, the macs are basically PC hardware
with a PPC processor and since apple has gone dual-core I don't know if
there is really any difference except the firmware. The server that I have
been looking at has an AMD64 processor, 2 gb of ram, 2 - 500 gb hard
drives, 3 intel network cards, and a via chipset. Is that good or bad?
Could someone give some advice as to what is the best to use and what is
the best to stay away from.

Also, where is the best place to get a server and would I get years of
service out of a used one like I do with the macs?


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