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Re: NetBSD/amd64 in qemu

On Tue, Feb 12, 2008 at 07:40:36PM -0600, jakllsch%kollasch.net@localhost wrote:
> In spllower() in amd64/amd64/spl.S
> changing
>       movl    CPUVAR(IUNMASK)(,%edi,4), %edx
> to
>       movl    CPUVAR(IUNMASK)(,%rdi,4), %edx
> allows the virtual CPU to not triple fault on this
> instruction, early in the kernel.  I guessed at
> this as the amd64_spllower() used %rdi, rather than %edi.

Can you please also raise this with the qemu folks? This smells really
like a bug in the emulator...


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