Subject: Re: merging x86 pmaps (Re: pmap.c hacking...)
To: None <>
From: YAMAMOTO Takashi <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 03/29/2007 22:34:43
> YAMAMOTO Takashi writes:
> > > > but i don't have enough motivation to work on a port which i don't
> > > > own any hardware (amd64), especially when it makes some people unhappy.
> > > >   
> > > I'm sure people are willing to test.. if you would be willing to bring 
> > > your version up to date, and make sure that it compiles. Would you be 
> > > willing to do that?
> > 
> > i will think of it at some point after yamt-idlelwp branch is finished.
> > (because the branch has some pmap changes. :)
> Is your "merged pmap code" available somewhere?  If so, or if you can 
> make it available to me, I should have some time/motivation to hack on 
> it in the next little while... (while this pmap stuff is "fresh" :) ).
> In any event I'd be certainly happy to test the amd64 bits...

the patch i posted to the list was the last version.
(i forgot when it was.  too much time has passed.)
iirc, it didn't actually merge pmaps.  it made i386 pmap
similar to amd64's one, as the first step of merging.