Subject: Re: Can't run opera on amd64
To: Nicolas Joly <>
From: Loic Hoguin <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 03/28/2007 21:25:13

On Wed, 28 Mar 2007 12:01:41 +0200, Nicolas Joly <> wrote:
> As Blair said, 64bit binaries needs to be in `/emul/linux' subtree,
> and 32bit in `/emul/linux32'.

Yes, that was that.

Right now opera doesn't work yet (since it needs a few more libraries
currently unavailable) but the binary is executed successfully.

>> And another thing came up: I cannot use most of the binaries that came
>> with linux (64 bit) emulation too. Most core dump (the kdump for 64bit
>> Linux date is attached).
> I did not see anything obvious with your trace. Can you try to modify
> emul.linux.kern.osrelease to emulate a 2.6 Linux kernel ?
> njoly@lanfeust [~]> sysctl emul
> emul.linux.kern.ostype = Linux
> emul.linux.kern.osrelease = 2.6.22
> emul.linux.kern.osversion = #0 Wed Feb 20 20:00:02 CET 2002
> emul.linux32.kern.ostype = Linux
> emul.linux32.kern.osrelease = 2.4.18
> emul.linux32.kern.osversion = #0 Wed Feb 20 20:00:02 CET 2002

Hm this didn't work. It is crashing exactly the same way.
By the way the 32bit one's are not crashing.

The weird thing is that 64bit bash is not crashing, but 64bit ls or
date do. Should I submit a PR about this?

> [...]
>> >Unfortunately, pkgsrc miss 32bit compat linux packages for now :-(
>> >I'd love to have them already, but i lack time to do more than small
>> >experiments.
>> I may find the time to try and do that (after submitting some PR I  
>> have).
>> But as I lack experience in pkgsrc/netbsd development (just did some  
>> small
>> projects at school), could you give me a few hints?
> The main idea was to create suse100-32 compat packages by using most
> of the current suse100 infrastructure. I thought that simply including
> the suse100 Makefile would do most of the trick, but we need to
> redefine some variables such as SUSE_ARCH, MACHINE_ARCH, EMULSUBDIR,
> etc...
> I'll try to set up a message about this to tech-pkg@ later today.

Okie. I'm going to test a few things now. I'll report my results.

Thanks to both of you,

Loc Hoguin