Subject: Re: Can't run opera on amd64
To: Loic Hoguin <>
From: Nicolas Joly <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 03/28/2007 12:01:41
On Wed, Mar 28, 2007 at 03:00:44AM +0200, Loic Hoguin wrote:
> On Wed, 28 Mar 2007 00:32:04 +0200, Nicolas Joly <> wrote:
> >On Tue, Mar 27, 2007 at 11:23:35PM +0200, Loic Hoguin wrote:
> >opera from pkgsrc needs 32bit linux compat libraries... but 64bit
> >compat libraries were installed instead ??
> Yeah I thought about that after.
> Then I tried to replace 64bits binaries and libs with 32bit ones from
> another box but it didn't work (saying it can't run these ELF binaries).

As Blair said, 64bit binaries needs to be in `/emul/linux' subtree,
and 32bit in `/emul/linux32'.

> And another thing came up: I cannot use most of the binaries that came
> with linux (64 bit) emulation too. Most core dump (the kdump for 64bit
> Linux date is attached).

I did not see anything obvious with your trace. Can you try to modify
emul.linux.kern.osrelease to emulate a 2.6 Linux kernel ?

njoly@lanfeust [~]> sysctl emul
emul.linux.kern.ostype = Linux
emul.linux.kern.osrelease = 2.6.22
emul.linux.kern.osversion = #0 Wed Feb 20 20:00:02 CET 2002
emul.linux32.kern.ostype = Linux
emul.linux32.kern.osrelease = 2.4.18
emul.linux32.kern.osversion = #0 Wed Feb 20 20:00:02 CET 2002

> >Unfortunately, pkgsrc miss 32bit compat linux packages for now :-(
> >I'd love to have them already, but i lack time to do more than small
> >experiments.
> I may find the time to try and do that (after submitting some PR I have).
> But as I lack experience in pkgsrc/netbsd development (just did some small
> projects at school), could you give me a few hints?

The main idea was to create suse100-32 compat packages by using most
of the current suse100 infrastructure. I thought that simply including
the suse100 Makefile would do most of the trick, but we need to
redefine some variables such as SUSE_ARCH, MACHINE_ARCH, EMULSUBDIR,

I'll try to set up a message about this to tech-pkg@ later today.

Nicolas Joly

Biological Software and Databanks.
Institut Pasteur, Paris.