Subject: Re: features2 in identcpu.c
To: Juan RP <>
From: Jonathan A. Kollasch <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 03/22/2007 10:52:56
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On Wed, Mar 21, 2007 at 10:55:31PM +0100, Juan RP wrote:
> On Wed, 21 Mar 2007 16:41:32 -0500
> "Jonathan A. Kollasch" <> wrote:
> > It isn't?  How so?  Or else I'm confusing this with what my Celeron M
> > 350 needs.
> I don't have numbers to show effectivity. But if you can test it
> with your laptop and checking how many W you save using it, would be
> really nice.

Well, you (and those articles) are right.  There is no (noticeable anyway)
power use difference at idle using ODCM.  However, at full load
it can/does regulate power use (and performance).  I measured the
power using the ACPI battery discharge rate, available with envstat.

	Jonathan Kollasch

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