Subject: Re: New system Tyan S3892 / Thunder K8HM
To: None <>
From: Brad Spencer <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 01/02/2007 19:24:30
   > 3) The manual for the motherboard claims that there are two SMSC EMC6D103S
   > hardware monitoring chips.  There is no support in NetBSD for those,
   > however, the chip maker has provided the manual for this device on the
   > web.  According to that, this should be another SMBUS type device, like
   > the AMD 8111 monitors on the S2882 and the like have, however, there
   > doesn't appear to the a "unknown" PCI device present, so I don't know in
   > what address space they put the hardware monitors for this motherboard.
   > According to the BIOS the hardware monitor chip is enabled.

   According to the website manufacturer, it supports IPMI 2.0 maybe it's
   time to try the ipmi driver? (it will use the watchdog driver and will report
   values from sensors).

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IPMI is not supported with NetBSD/amd64 [yet??].  From looking at the
code, it appears to want working BIOS32 support, which does not appear to
exist for NetBSD/amd64.  It wants to use the SMBIOS "extension" [according
to the comments] and that is detected in bios32_init() which is #if 0'ed
out.  I spent a bit of time blind merging the ipmi bits from the i386 port
into the amd64 port with no joy [mostly just to see if there were other

There might be at least one other problem with arch/x86/x86/ipmi.c with a
string formating compiler warning in the debug printf around line 909.  If
you ignore the error, the kernel will link and won't crash when one
attempts to boot it.  Also, no IPMI, of course.

From the comments in the amd64 version of bios32.c, support for it might
be nontrivial.  It mentions setting up a "compatibility segment".
Something that would be far beyond me.

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