Subject: Re: New system Tyan S3892 / Thunder K8HM
To: Brad Spencer <>
From: Juan RP <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 01/02/2007 18:50:44
On Tuesday 02 January 2007 16:29, Brad Spencer wrote:
> Hello...
> I just built a new system based on the Tyan S3892 / Thunder K8HM
> motherboard.  It is running NetBSD 4.0_BETA2/amd64, and although it hasn't
> been pushed very hard, it appears to be stable, with nearly every device
> supported.
> There are a few odd things of note:
> 1) The SATA controller does SATA-II and the drives I have are
> SATA-IIable.  However, the device driver [svwsata] only reports 1.5Gb
> speed.  The drives have are jumpered for 3.0Gb.
> 2) This motherboard appears to have a real hardware RAID controller on it.
> It is probably a BC4000 based chip, if one can trust the manual.  The
> manual implies that Linux has a driver for this, but there isn't anything
> for NetBSD.  RaidFrame appears to work pretty well, so that's what I'll
> end up using.
> I run the drives in pure S-ATA mode rather then emulated P-ATA mode.  Both
> do appear to work, however.  The drives will attach to pciide when run in
> emulated mode.
> 3) The manual for the motherboard claims that there are two SMSC EMC6D103S
> hardware monitoring chips.  There is no support in NetBSD for those,
> however, the chip maker has provided the manual for this device on the
> web.  According to that, this should be another SMBUS type device, like
> the AMD 8111 monitors on the S2882 and the like have, however, there
> doesn't appear to the a "unknown" PCI device present, so I don't know in
> what address space they put the hardware monitors for this motherboard.
> According to the BIOS the hardware monitor chip is enabled.

According to the website manufacturer, it supports IPMI 2.0 maybe it's
time to try the ipmi driver? (it will use the watchdog driver and will report
values from sensors).

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