Subject: Re: Asus A8V-VM
To: None <>
From: Andrew Ball <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 12/27/2006 08:52:41
Hello Joerg,

  JN> I have an ASUS A8V board...

Two friends, whose opinions I value, have those and swear by
them.  The only thing that puts me off slightly is lack of a
PCIe slot.  Neither of those friends runs NetBSD at present,
so your dmesg output is very welcome!

  JN> The only problem I had so far: A 160 GB Seagate SATA
    > hard drive was not recognised on this board. The very
    > same drive runs flawlessly on an Intel board and
    > another Seagate SATA hard drive with 80 GB runs on
    > this A8V board without any problems. (So does a 120 GB
    > Western Digital SATA.)

Perhaps you hit the LBA28 "137 Gbyte" wall?

  - Andy Ball