Subject: Re: Asus A8V-VM
To: None <>
From: Andrew Ball <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 12/27/2006 04:07:50
Hello Paul,

  PG> ...I've got a A8N5X that works just fine with my X2!

It looks as though your mainboard has an Nvidia chipset, but
your dmesg still made interesting reading. I'm not sure what
the implications of the " acpi0 not configured"
messages are, but it's promising to see that so much of your
hardware works.  I see power management features noted for
both of your cores.  Hopefully someone here will clarify
whether they're used by default, can be enabled in a custom
kernel or are recognised but not yet used.

  PG> I don't use the on-board RAID, but the SATA is working
    > just fine.

That's the main thing.  Perhaps raidframe makes for an array
that is more easily moved between machines anyway.

  PG> ...A8N5X does not have on-board video.  The on-board
    > LAN controller works.

I will look that board up on Asus' Web site.  Thanks for the

- Andy Ball.