Subject: Re: [q] eclipse/amd64
To: None <>
From: Noud deBrouwer <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 09/27/2006 17:53:28
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> "that socket-name" ?
> That CPU is a "Socket AM2" (Which it says in the description). The 
> mobo is
i must have, totally, overread. were convinced the cpu was a 939 too.

thanks the correction (again) and explenation.

> [snip uncalled for rant. At least, I think it was a rant; I coulnd't 
> quite
not intended.
" To utter or express with violence or extravagance" .. just the later 
one..not the violence.

> understand all of it]
> Listen, pal, I was only trying to protect you from the possible 
> disappointment
yup. taken that way..from the start. and thanks for it/protection.

> of buying new hardware, only to discover that eclipse isn't available for
> anything except i386.
> There's no reason to get snappy with me. My crystal ball is a bit 
> shady lately, so if you come and ask "Will this-and-this-and-this 
> hardware enable
> me to run java/eclipse", how am I supposed to know that you're actually  
i did not ask "to run java/eclipse"
i did ask "to be quickly at "..maybe i should have typed "to be quickly, 
as quick as possible, at"
then again.. you could not have known i know the java non-status a 
little bit at amd64
(and that i know it's needed for Eclipse).

> going to try to port Java to netbsd/AMD64? All I knew was that you 
> were trying
yup (but plz. if some allready has it building)

> to run eclipse. If you think that you can magick eclipse into working, 
> that's

> just great (But I think you're underestimating the complexity, but oh 
> well)
getting eclipse going will be easy..just a swt patch.. the java part is 
scarry to me

> but don't yell and scream at everyone who can't read your mind, and 
> who're
> only trying to help you, OK?
OK (i was not aware i was screaming)

btw. now have gotten this sugestion as a valid combination
(but not from a fellow NBSD-er so chipset validity not taken into account):

amd 3500 met koeler venice core  85 euro 

Moederbord asus 939 met Qfan technologic   45 euro 

geheugen 400/3200  110 euro 


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