Subject: Re: [q] eclipse/amd64
To: None <>
From: Noud deBrouwer <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 09/25/2006 23:28:04
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Martijn van Buul did type (regarding subject):

>>Bad idea. AMD64's (Well, all the current ones, anyway) work best if they
o & tell (me reading) is it..yes ..better duplo then.. 2*512 ( 2times1G 
does exeed budget)

>>can use dual channel - which means that you need *two identical* DIMMs.
>>You could throw in another 1GB DIMM, or you could go for 2x512.
then 2 times 512 it will/shall be
(btw. thanks) (GeIL has 512s hope and partly recall)

>>> [single-core Athlon64 3500+, AM2 socket]
>>This CPU ...
yup (a single one)
(duplo .. not possible given the/that budget)
(if anyone has pills o duplothingies laying around ( a joke-ish))

>>> [Some EPOX Socket 939 board]
>>.. doesn't even *fit* on this board. Which is an outdated board, by the way.
the one thing i didn't even check and was/am scarred about..
.. yes ?! doesn't it fit .. arggg ..pitty.. both are that socket-name 
isn't it.
both are within(sp) speed isn't it.. not even checked by me

but E and yes my main  fear was is it's not a workable situation

what's the thing cpu not fitting mboard (?)   (Q to learn/know)

does it not  .. somebit blasius/blunt (en blond) en .. argg

>>> a good amd64 start to be quickly at eclipse//amd64 ??
>>WARNING: eclipse-3.0.1nb1 is not available for NetBSD-4.99.1-x86_64
(hoofdletters als ietsje meer geag-tikkie-i-teerd)
(but no offence taken (ofcourse))

yes it's not there yet.. allready had 1 e-mail request a potential user.
(working somewhere in Dutchland)

WARNING  taken .. but not as compliantable to me..regarding NetBSD/Suse 
Linux emul/Java/Eclipse

>>AFAIK, there's not even a proper 64-bits JRE for Linux, let alone NetBSD.
thought so too--as in--did hear that
and, then again, did read some Linux-emul movement at amd64 a 2-3 days ago
(good to read..needed here)

argg so i'm allmost back to start, picking hw items
thanks correcting

>>No matter what hardware you're going to use, the answer will most likely
>>be "No."
the question not taken. my/this q is/was given status now/curent
the fastest way a.t.m. to a running/workable amd64 hw-setup(je) ?
and before correction i did get ;)
what's the cheapest, build-traject working, amd hardware at common places?

yes Martijn..i know.. Eclipse not working yet (at amd64)
Linux emul not totally working at amd64 (i hear rumor)
Java not working at amd64
so we are very close ;)

rgg..didn't / did i recall .. some days/weeks ago a person posting a 
aquisit listof amd64 refferences isn't it.
that did/does contain boardlists didn't it

yes board is old (i did suspect) and/foremost cheap

(story behind. some group/organisation had a iPod winning thing
and alternative possobilitie to shop alternative
count up
we had a eclipse/amd64 interested nl person here some weeks and months ago
i myself and me had an e-mail (well various) from person:
the eclip/i386 build did fail at /amd64.
so this
would/will give me/us hw to thinker/patch/build the eclipse/amd64 build)

one point taken
-badish combination..the mem could have been done better.
-the cpu mboard combination doesn't work (doesn't it(?))
-and (but that's kinda displaced..there is no eclipse package manager 

The answer should be most likely "yes" there
is a amd64 hardware bringing me vry close to the/a eclipse build to 
start off at amd64
at cost mboard, cpu, mem <= $250

thanks the input

o and following q from the answer the previ. q.
tip to order/transfer the/such hw (f.i.) from a west-coast-eu 
trader/fabricator..welcome ;)


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