Subject: Re: [q] eclipse/amd64
To: None <>
From: Martijn van Buul <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 09/25/2006 20:19:13
It occurred to me that Noud deBrouwer wrote in gmane.os.netbsd.ports.x86-64:
><not being up to amd64 port>
> is ..
> [single 1GB DIMM]

Bad idea. AMD64's (Well, all the current ones, anyway) work best if they
can use dual channel - which means that you need *two identical* DIMMs.

You could throw in another 1GB DIMM, or you could go for 2x512. 

> [single-core Athlon64 3500+, AM2 socket]

This CPU ...

> [Some EPOX Socket 939 board]

.. doesn't even *fit* on this board. Which is an outdated board, by the way.

> a good amd64 start to be quickly at eclipse//amd64 ??

WARNING: eclipse-3.0.1nb1 is not available for NetBSD-4.99.1-x86_64

AFAIK, there's not even a proper 64-bits JRE for Linux, let alone NetBSD.

No matter what hardware you're going to use, the answer will most likely
be "No."

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