Subject: amd64 pmap & using a pool for pv_entry
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 09/25/2006 20:47:44
Hi Folks,
    I've been reading over the amd64 pmap code and comparing it with other
pmaps in the NetBSD source tree and OpenBSD and decided to convert the
NetBSD amd64 pmap code to use a pool for pv_entry objects. Codewise,
this is a simple port of the OpenBSD amd64 pmap. (I left out OpenBSD's
other changes)
    I've noticed that several other NetBSD arch's use pools for this as
well and was wondering why the amd64 code on NetBSD wasn't. My
modified pmap kernel is working fine so far and I have measured some
basic builds with the current pmap and my changes and have not seen
any variation in build times on a multiprocessor machine running build
with -j 2.
   Does anyone know? I did find some comment against the i386 cvs comments
from ages ago mentioning incompatibility between the pool code and pmap
   If anyone wants a copy of the patches, just ask.

Take care,

NetBSD - enjoy!