Subject: Re: Asus A8N5X Dual Proc Tinkering
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 09/23/2006 12:59:17

After I got it working in this bizarre way I experimented with the different kernel configs and got it working with a normal bios setup with all my devices working and MP.  I turned on acpi, ACPI_SCANPCI and PCI_INTR_FIXUP in the kernel and now it all works in 4.0_Beta as of Wednesday.   The MPBIOS options are turned off.  Seems pretty stable.  I have built xorg and firefox from pkgsrc -current and it is pretty quick.  If I could figure out how to post my startup messages I would.  The only thing that will not build in the kernel is the linux32 option but that is not supposed to be complete from what I have read.  Thank you fvdl for SCANPCI.  

---- wrote: 
> It has been awhile since I have posted here but I kind of got my Dual Core AMD64 motherboard to work with NetBSD.  It runs both processors but now the ethernet does not work including the pci board I have on my system (ex0).  I tried various bios options while trying to install NetBSD 3.0.  I eventually turned off the other 2 unused Sata ports and turned off the onboard ethernet in the Bios and then it boots up with no problems using both single and multiprocessor options.  The only problem is that neither of my ethernet cards will work now.  I pulled the source off of a different drive and compiled the 4.0_Beta kernal and it works too minus any ethernet.  I am not a big programmer yet but thought this was very curious and it might help someone solve some of the nvidia board problems.  No other combination of the bios options made this work.  Hope this helps.