Subject: Re: Please test POWERNOW_K[78]
To: None <,>
From: Eric Schnoebelen <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 09/02/2006 21:13:14
Juan RP writes:
- On Fri, 01 Sep 2006 18:14:45 -0500
- (Eric Schnoebelen) wrote:
- > - Can you please rebuild your kernel with "options POWERNOW_DEBUG"?
- > 
- > 	Done.  No additional output.. :(
- Ok, I've found the problem... looks like AMD_ERRATA_A0_CPUSIG is not
- matching your CPU and needs to match it because your CPU is the one
- that has the errata.

	In trying that, and then googling for errata on the 660
and 6a0 CPU's, it seems that the AMD_ERRATA_A0_CPUSIG should
only apply to the 660 CPU's.. The 6a0 CPU's have a different
series of errata.. (660 is a K7 model 6, while 6a0 is a K7 model

	However, removing the CPU signature vs the PST signature
check on my system allows it to work, and the CPU speed to be
changed. (yeah!)  Not sure how to best represent the "quirk" in
the code though.

	In reading various bits of information gathered from google,
it appears that it should also be able to gather the CPU clock
information from ACPI. Is there a way to gather that in the NetBSD
kernel? (although expecting that to be any more accurate than the
BIOS tables may be wishful thinking.)

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