Subject: Re: Please test POWERNOW_K[78]
To: Eric Schnoebelen <>
From: Juan RP <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 08/29/2006 08:56:50
On Tue, 29 Aug 2006 00:05:52 -0500 (Eric Schnoebelen) wrote:

> Juan RP writes:
> - The latest code for POWERNOW_K[78] is now in -current, if you have
> - any AMD Athlon Mobile or Athlon 64 cpu, please try it out and
> - report success/failure, etc.
> 	I know this to be a bit late, but..
> 	I have to report failure.. I've got an HP Pavilion
> ze4500 Laptop with an AMD Atholon XP2500+ processor.
> 	Under previous versions of the PowerNow support, it
> would report being a PowerNow processor, but provide garbage
> speed values.
> 	Under the current PowerNow support, it reports as
> having TS, FID, and VID, but doesn't offer up the PowerNow speed
> control support.
> 	The system has some sort of processor speed control
> under WindowsXP (but it's not booted to that right now.)
> 	Any ideas what might need to be tweaked? I'm more than
> happy to build and test kernels on the system.

Can you please rebuild your kernel with "options POWERNOW_DEBUG"?