Subject: Re: fresh install hangs
To: None <>
From: Martijn van Buul <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 01/18/2006 00:23:56
It occurred to me that Francisco Valladolid Hdez. wrote in
> According to AMD it cpu not yet support amd64.

Then, as unlikely as it may sound, AMD is badly informed. Sempron processors
(Using socket 754) with 64 bit support are available from every street corner;
references on the 'net are plentiful.

Not that wikipedia is a reliable source of information (But, apperently,
either is, but:

" In the second half of 2005, AMD began shipments of the Sempron/64, which
  finally adds AMD64 support to the Socket754 Semprons. The Sempron/64 replaces
  the older non-AMD64 Sempron in AMD's Sempron product-line."

Also, see

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