Subject: Re: 7GB memtest causes hard system hang.
To: None <>
From: Anne Bennett <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 01/13/2006 19:59:15
Thor Lancelot Simon <> writes:

> Next, unlimit datasize, memoryuse, and memorylocked.  Next,
> run "memtester" from pkgsrc -- I see I accidentally called it "memtest",
> but since that's the only memory tester we have that runs under NetBSD

Actually I have not had much luck with memtester (it had not occurred
to me to unlimit anything, which may have been why it claimed it was
testing a small fraction of the amount of memory I was asking it to
test), but what I wanted to point out is that memtest86 *is* available
for NetBSD, and the i386 version works on my Athlon64 machine.  One
just creates an ISO image or a floppy with it as the boot blocks, boot
it, and run.  I've had good results with it, but I've tested only 2GB
of RAM.  You might consider it worth trying.

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