Subject: Re: nForce4 and SATA : some tests with BIOS options on 3.0 and -current
To: =?iso-8859-1?q?Gr=E9goire_Sutre?= <>
From: Dieter <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 01/08/2006 17:33:16
> I'm wondering whether your motherboard actually had automatically disabled
> the second SATA controller when you only had your first 2 disks.

I don't think so.

> > FreeBSD called the 1st two ad4 and ad6, which are both on atapci1.
> > The additional disks are called ad8 and ad10, which are both on atapci2.
> In case you still have some old dmesg outputs, was this atapci2 device
> also detected when you only had 2 disks?

Yes it was.

I think I may have found the problem, and its name is: "Phoenix - AwardBIOS" 

Under "Hard Disk Boot Prioiry" [ sic ]

it has

	1. garbage, followed by disk model number
	2. garbage
	3. garbage
	4. garbage
	5. Bootable Add-in Cards

The + and - keys will move the entries around, presumably
changing the order in which it looks for a bootable device.

Both F6 (Fail-Safe Defaults) and F7 (Optimized defaults) reset the
order, but do not clear the garbage.  Full power down and move the
clear-CMOS jumper also fails to clear the garbage.

The "Standard CMOS Features" menu displays the model numbers
of all four drives, and the auto-detect appears to work.  But
somehow this info doesn't make it to the "Hard Disk Boot Prioiry"

Clearing the CMOS (some of it, anyway...) also did not fix
whatever created the "lost interrupt" problem.