Subject: Re: disk performance on my new Athlon64 3500+: half fixed
To: None <>
From: Anne Bennett <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 01/03/2006 20:45:15
David Brownlee <> writes:

>  	You may want to submit a PR with yor patches when done, so
>  	3.1 can work "out of the box" on your machine :)

Well, I didn't actually create any new material; I just updated
five files from the -current source tree, and added two lines to
GENERIC, and I see that the same additions have already been made
to the -current copy of GENERIC.

So it looks as though -current would have worked out of the box,
and I have no doubt that 3.1 will.

As always, thanks to all who helped.  I never cease to be amazed at
how quickly I get useful information from the NetBSD mailing lists.
Don't you guys ever sleep?  ;-)

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