Subject: Re: compat_linux on amd64 report
To: Nicolas Joly <>
From: Emmanuel Dreyfus <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 11/23/2005 11:06:36
On Mon, Nov 21, 2005 at 01:36:49PM +0100, Nicolas Joly wrote:
> > Linux java and javac now seem to work on NetBSD/amd64. I'd appreciate
> > feedback from users there are always bugs difficult to spot).
> I'm getting bad behaviour with small threaded programs (not really
> linux java related, but ...).

It took me some time but I finally tracked it down: getrlimit emulation
is broken. You can see it running Linux bash and issuing ulimit -a: for
all non ulimited values, the most significant 32 bits contain garbage.

I'll work on a fix this night.

Emmanuel Dreyfus