Subject: Re: sun fire V40Z running NetBSD
To: Greg Oster <>
From: Brett Lymn <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 10/28/2005 09:53:57
On Thu, Oct 27, 2005 at 09:46:31AM -0600, Greg Oster wrote:
> I did an inital install w/ a monitor attached to a V40Z,

Same here - we had a USB keyboard which it seemed the OBP did not want
to talk to because, even though I was nice to the OpenBSD people and
set up a bootselector for either OS, you couldn't select the
non-default option.  The keyboard only started working when the kernel
was booted and wscons talked to it.

> but right now
> it's running quite happily with the console being sent to the 
> Lights-Out-Management stuff.  (I think it's configured with serial 
> bootblocks, and then the serial port redirected to the LOM stuff)

Cool :)

> and 8GB RAM.  Fastest build of -current so far (without X) is 35 minutes 
> on a tmpfs with '-j 4'.  ('-j 6' took 37 minutes)

Most of the time the machine was CPU bottle-necked in my case, the
only time the disk i/o went up was when there was a lot of mkdir's or
installing happening.

>  It's also fun 
> building a fresh kernel (from scratch!) in 2-3 minutes :) 

Yep - one could get used to that :)

Brett Lymn