Subject: Re: sun fire V40Z running NetBSD
To: Brett Lymn <>
From: Ed Gould <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 10/27/2005 07:37:48
> I then installed NetBSD onto the machine, cross built a MP on my laptop
> and booted to that.  With the short testing I did NetBSD performed
> flawlessly on the machine.

That's great to hear.  I have a Sun X2100 on order; it's expected to 
ship in November, but they haven't announced a firm ship date yet.  The 
one I ordered is the new, entry-level 1U box, with a single Opteron 
(single core), 512MB RAM and no disks (but two SATA bays; I already 
have a pair of 256GB drive to fill them).  List price: US$745.  
(Disclaimer: I work for Sun, but I had nothing to do with developing 
this box, nor any hardware for that matter.  I plan to run NetBSD on 
it, as that's what I've been running on my personal server for many 
years, and this is the next incarnation of that server.  Also, on this 
particular box, there is no employee discount.  Even so, the price was 
too attractive to pass up.)  If I remember correctly, there are 2-CPU 
versions, as well as dual-core options, for the X2100 and X2200 as well.

I'll post a dmesg as soon as I get one.  This V40Z post gives me great 
confidence that the X2100 will just work.