Subject: Re: Re: INSTALL.* for amd64 ?
To: Dieter <>
From: Joel CARNAT <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 08/25/2005 18:23:30
Dans l'épisode précédent (Thu, Aug 25 2005 - 09:01), Dieter nous apprenait que :
> Joel CARNAT writes:
> > don't know about "the firmware", but I used the serial console on an old
> > gateway workstation. during install process, when it asks if you want to
> > use "BIOS console" or "Serial console", choose 'serial', set the 'baud
> > rate' and you'll get the bootloader, kernel output and login on the
> > serial console.
> Where does it ask this?  Video? rs232? both?

at the end of the install process.
just before timezone, root passwd (if I remember well).

> The firmware came up in video-only mode, in 640x480, which my monitor
> will not display.  Hard to get the firmware to switch to rs232 if you
> can't see the menus on the video monitor.  Catch-22  So getting the
> firmware to switch to rs232 involved asking someone with the same board
> for the magic sequence of keystrokes to walk through the menus, and
> typing them blindly.

What I did with mine was :
1. plug a keyboard on the machine (no screen, no mouse)
2. put the standard CD-Rom and power-on
3. check the CD-Rom LED activity
4. hit 'SPACE' when light turned out
5. enter 'consdev com0'<ENTER>

I've saved the initial doc there :
Then the input/output in via serial console.

6. enter 'boot'<ENTER>
7. process the normal install, expect choose 'serial' (rather than BIOS)
when it asks which bootblock to install.

Check a bit after this :
Figure 4.19. Selecting a bootblock

> Many thanks to Wolfgang for the magic keystroke sequence.