Subject: Re: more fan sensors via envstat?
To: None <>
From: Chris Kantarjiev <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 08/10/2005 17:55:03
Chris Kantarjiev wrote:
> Chris Kantarjiev wrote:
>> Anil Gopinath wrote:
>>> Check if your board also has an ADT chip along with
>>> the windbound chip. The last time I checked NetBSD did
>>> not support the ADT chip and fans controlled/monitored
>>> by this chip would not show up in envstat.
>>> I have written a driver for the ADT7463 chip and
>>> plumbed the sensor measurement to envstat. If there is
>>> some interest I could check and see if the code can be
>>> made open-source.
>>> Anil
>> This is the only documentation I can find:
>> and it doesn't seem to list any chip details for monitoring.
> Well, there's also the summary page:
> but it doesn't list the support chips. I've contacted tech support.
And got a quick answer!

Bus Type = SMBus
One WindBond W83627HF, One WindBond W83792D

Windbond W83627HF, Slave Address=0x2d (0x5A in 8-Bit format)
Fan7 Fan Speed, Offset 0x28
Fan8 Fan Speed, Offset 0x29
+3.3V Voltage, offset 0x22
+5V Voltage, offset 0x23
+12V Voltage, offset 0x24
-12V Voltage, offset 0x25
+1.8V Voltage, offset 0x26

Power Supply Failure, GP11

Windbond W83792D, Slave Address=0x2f (0x5E in 8-Bit format)
Fan1 Fan Speed, Offset 0x28
Fan2 Fan Speed, Offset 0x29
Fan3 Fan Speed, Offset 0x2a
Fan4 Fan Speed, Offset 0xb8
Fan5 Fan Speed, Offset 0xb9
Fan6 Fan Speed, Offset 0xba
CPU1 Core Voltage, Offset 0x20
CPU2 Core Voltage, Offset 0x21
DIMM Voltage, Offset 0x22
System Temperature, Offset 0x27
CPU1 Temperature, Offset 0xc0
CPU2 Temperature, Offset 0xc8
Chassis Intrusion, Offset 0xaa

Now, envstat is reading the temperatures and voltages already (I believe)... I 
don't see any mention of W83792D in dmesg.