Subject: What recent _Sun_ Hardware runs NetBSD+X? (take 2)
To: None <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 03/25/2005 12:01:39
Sorry for re-posting, but I think my previous question was not clear:
The idea was to learn what Opteron-based machines _available from Sun 
Microsystems_ run NetBSD+X. I know there are many other systems out there 
that work, but that's not what I wonder.

Think of you're working for a Sun-shop and have a chance to get a Sun 
machine for NetBSD playing - which one would you get? Leaving aside price, 
important point is that it runs X.

  - Hubert

NetBSD - Free AND Open!      (And of course secure, portable, yadda yadda)