Subject: amd64 and PCMCIA
To: None <>
From: Samuel Kesterson <>
List: port-amd64
Date: 02/28/2005 14:05:00
Good day,

	I've purchased a new laptop that's based on the amd64. It's an
HP zv5410us. I put the dmesg output from both the i386 (GENERIC_LAPTOP)
and amd64 (GENERIC) kernels up at and 

	Here's my problem. The amd64 kernel doesn't seem to support
PCMCIA. I tried to add it by copying the GENERIC config to
GENERIC_LAPTOP_64 and uncommenting acpi0, cbb, cardbus, and pcmcia but
config just tells me:

GENERIC_LAPTOP_64:285: cardslot*: unknown device 'cardslot'
GENERIC_LAPTOP_64:288: cardbus*: unknown device 'cardbus'
GENERIC_LAPTOP_64:289: pcmcia*: unknown device 'pcmcia'
*** Stop.
	I'd really like to run the amd64 port if I could get this PCMCIA
stuff working. Does anyone have any suggestions?