Subject: Re: Intel x86_64 chips (Pentium 4 EMT)
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Date: 02/20/2005 13:50:18
>From Sun Feb 20 12:38:50 2005
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>Subject: Re: Intel x86_64 chips (Pentium 4 EMT)
>I set up a few HP EM64T/nocona systems last month. I used a netbsd amd64
>install disk and fdisk to fix a problem with the partitions which the redhat
>installer couldn't quite handle. I poked around a bit and netbsd seemed pretty
>content running on that platform. Everything that was supported appeared to
>work without incident.
>Harry Waddell
>Caravan Electronic Publishing
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	Great, another positive report,  I guess I'll make the leap and try
soon (also another EM64T reference - I guess Intel *did* change the designation
for marketing - odd the Oct. Intel price list, when they first were listed,
clearly says "EMT").  I have a few old P3's and older Celerons, that are now
overworked  for the tasks assigned to them (an even a few K6's and Athalons,
but not in critical functions).

	Thanks everyone for the answers, I guess it does "just work" (noone
has reported any problems except the serial port strangeness Havard had,
which I would chalk up to the many strange things that can happen with serial
consoles - I use a set of rack-mounted cascadable KVMs after giving up on
serial consoles in about the 1.4x time frame).

	Paul Shupak